The process of hiring professional Customer Service members can take weeks or even months due to searching for applications, several interview stages, onboarding flow. We live in a time when all things develop and grow insanely quickly. This is also related to the topic of businesses around the world: blockchain, fintech startups, innovative ideas. We have to deal with the fact that various firms are not ready for ever-growing activity, which affects the company's reputation and other aspects.
The Suppostat product is built and developed to scale during any conditions in any environment. We have great experience in ensuring Customer Success in different fields. The team’s relevant skills and huge background allow us to be very flexible, onboard quickly, and scale organically maintaining the correct ToV.
Our product model implies that we grow with you side by side from the initial stage of testing your product hypothesis to the success of a unicorn
When a business is undergoing rapid growth or major change, passionate Customer Service is a great tool to maintain responsive, high-quality service while figuring out other important stuff and building the long-term direction of your business.
Many businesses partnered with Suppostat to provide Customer Success Management during specific periods of the day and week have mentioned that they brought down the first response time and the customers' satisfaction has grown considerably. The output of the Suppostat staff is fully transparent and carefully monitored so that the service quality is maintained.
The Suppostat team is always around in order to build everlasting trust and loyalty with your customers. Our crew has hundreds of years of Customer Support in total and our aim is to give you more than you expect.
We strive to climb to the glory together becoming Unicorns