Which channels do you support?
Suppostat tends to provide assistance through any social media, messengers, chats, emails, and CRM platforms. Any place which suits your needs will be picked by our passionate Customer Service helping your business build everlasting trust with customers

However, we do not support VOIP or any other kind of voice engagement.
What is the launching process?
Suppostat offers various flexible solutions for businesses and startups in various industries. Our clients can expect a fast onboarding procedure compared to other competitors in the industry.

Just pick up a plan which suits your needs and you will be contacted by Suppostat managers within 24 hours in order to discuss all the details regarding our future partnership.
What should be done if the quantity of requests exceeds the mark specified in the selected plan?
There are four plans with different capacities specified:

1. Hypothesis ?_? - up to 300/month
2. Nitro >_> - up to 1,000/month
3. Rocket ,^, - up to 2,000/month
4. Unicorn /| - up to 4,000/month

Thus, we divide every month into four separate periods with the maximum mark of raised tickets and inquiries per week as per the plan:

1. Hypothesis ?_? - up to 100/week
2. Nitro >_> - up to 250/week
3. Rocket ,^, - up to 500/week
4. Unicorn /| - up to 1000/week

There is an ongoing track regarding the number of questions, tickets, and inquiries per week. If the quantity of inquiries exceeds the mark set within your current plan and there is a considerable activity spike, your subscription plan will be automatically upgraded.

How do you ensure data security?
Suppostat is compliant with the GDPR starting from DD/MM/YY. The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is a new European privacy regulation. The GDPR aims to strengthen the security and protection of personal data in the EU and harmonize EU data protection law. The system behind GDPR creates consistency on how any kind of sensitive data can be used, processed, and exchanged in a secure way. The organizations that are GDPR compliant are committed to demonstrating the security of the data they are processing and their compliance with GDPR on an ongoing basis, by implementing and regularly reviewing robust technical and organizational measures, as well as compliance policies.
What days and times is your team available?
The Suppostat employees are passionate about providing everyone with round-the-clock Customer Service, ensuring every user is happy, assisted, and remains loyal. We are available 24/7 for your business helping you develop trust with your customers and making them willing to come back again from dusk till dawn.
How do you ensure the quality?
The goal of Suppostat is to ensure your customers’ satisfaction by meeting specific KPIs and being transparent throughout the QA process. We are committed to providing you with detailed reports created by our team on a two weeks basis. The list of KPIs to be highlighted in the report include:

  • Median First Response Time
  • Median Time to Close
  • Customer Satisfaction Rate

Besides the above ones, you can expect a detailed report on how the Suppostat Team handles the hardest of moments dealing with any negative aspects and suppressing FUD.

Our Suppostat Customer Success Managers will monitor your account to ensure that all critical metrics are being met and that you are completely satisfied.

During Suppostat Customer Service training and your initial ramp, the training team will be working closely with your agents to ensure we’re hitting key KPIs and scaling accordingly.